I am a PAINTER and COLLAGE - maker and use ACRYLICS for my large, semi-abstract images.

I am attracted to painting by COLOURS and SHAPES. I want to find out how different colours will work together or against each other; which associations can be created with clashing, jarring colours or with colours that gel into one harmonious, even image. I try to combine accurate observations with my personal ideas of simplification.

When making a COLLAGE or ASSEMBLAGE, it is a challenge to take already existing elements which were created by other people for their own purpose and transform them into something different and new. I see it as a playful activity which is not completely dependent on me as those unknown people have already contributed their own ideas to the game.

My CRAFT projects are usually driven by economic necessities: either to be sold or to be given away as presents. For me, making pretty things which have a function and therefore a reason to exist, was a step towards the more abstract and more self-absorbed process of painting. It took me several years to allow myself to follow this self-indulgent road, until I finally gave up my job as a psychologist, psycho-therapist and teacher. I now paint full-time.

P.S. I am very aware that the picture quality on this site is not as wonderful as it could be. The reasons for this all have to do with time and money. However, I have decided that it is important at present to introduce myself to you. In time I will replace the images with better photos but at the moment I prefer to paint!!