Pamela Allen from Canada has an amazing range of products to show: wonderful assemblages, paintings, decoupage and patchwork quilts.

The multi-faceted ´out of sight´ website by Dale Copeland features her own exciting assemblages, collages and books as well as the work of other New Zealand artists and the international ´Baker`s Dozen´ exchange.

The interesting site of Kris Hoglund features his computer graphics and paintings as well as courageously showing us his ´disasters`. Have a look at his ´Surreal Pop Erotica´.

The author, painter and collage artist Nita Leland hosts a stunning site which does not just show her own work but also a vast compendium of art-related information: painting tips, encouraging quotes, fun hints for boosting your creativity and links to great museums.

Jayne Levy-Polis` site displays wonderful middle aged nudes as well as abstract paintings and portraits. The erotic section is called ´Middle America After Dark` and her nudes are both humorous and humane.

I admire the paintings and collages of Cheryl McClure very much. They remind me of the colourful landscapes of my dreams.

Gallery 24 shows self-taught artists from all over the world. It is in Berlin, Germany, and hosted by the assemblage and collage artist Pablo Reese von Lichtenberg. His own assemblages are of a beautiful classical stillness.

Liam Spencer uses the city of Manchester (UK) as his main subject and his oil paintings make it look wonderfully exciting and colourful. I love them: Manchester is also my hometown.

The great abstract pieces of work by David Stanley, who is also from the North West of England, are beautiful paintings full of depth and light.

Have a look at the big abstract canvases of Lynne Taetzsch which are vibrating with energy, rythm and fun.