KFWhois Feature Comparison


KFWhois is designed to look up and store domain registration details, with special features to identify domains whose registration is about to expire.

A list of its features can be found here.

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KFWhois Pro

KFWhois Pro does everything KFWhois does and a lot more.
  • Identify contact details
  • KFWhois Pro extracts the contact details from domain registration records.
    • Name
    • Address
    • EMail
    • Telephone
    • Fax
    Each item can be viewed and exported individually.
    Up to four different contacts can be retrieved for each domain.
  • Custom reports
  • Choose which fields to display and which domains to include in the report.
  • Export to file
  • KFWhois Pro can export any report you define to file.
  • Handle even more domains
  • KFWhois Pro is designed handle much bigger domain lists. It displays the progress of a look up operation and allows you to cancel a job in progress.
  • Select what to update
  • Select which set of domains you want to update, filtered by category, last look up status, or the date the domain was last checked.
  • Proxy Server Support
  • KFWhois Pro can direct all its whois requests via a proxy server. This can enable it to be used to bypass a corporate firewall.
    The following proxy types are supported:
    • SOCKS 4
    • SOCKS 5
    • HTTP Proxy

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