Running the KFSensor Server

The KFSensor Server provides the core functionality of the KFSensor system. It listens to both TCP and UDP ports on your machine and interacts with visitors and generates events.
It is configured via the KFSensor Monitor. The KFSensor Server has no user interface and runs in the background.

There are two ways in which the KFSensor Server can be run:

  1. As a console application
    In this mode of operation the KFSensor Server is started directly by the KFSensor Monitor when it is launched.
    If you quit the KFSensor Monitor then the KFSensor Server will be shut down.
    This is the only mode of operation available to Windows 98 and Windows Me users.
  2. As a systems service
    KFSensor can be installed as systems service on Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP only. A systems service is a special type of application that Windows runs in the background and is similar in concept to a UNIX daemon.

    There are several advantages to running KFSensor Server as a systems service:

    • The KFSensor Server can be configured to start automatically when the system starts, even before you log on.
    • The KFSensor Server becomes independent of the logged on user, so you can log off and another person can log on without affecting the server.
    • The KFSensor Server can be configured to run as a different user with different security permissions.
    • You can set up recovery actions to take place if the KFSensor Server fails. For example, restarting the server or even restarting the computer.
    • You can start and stop the KFSensor Server from another machine without using the KFSensor Monitor.

In both modes of operation the Start Server, Stop Server and Restart Server menu options and tool bar buttons work in the same way.

Install As a Systems Service

To install KFSensor Server as a systems service select the File menu on the KFSensor Monitor, select the Service menu option, then select the Install As System Service menu option.
You will need to be logged on with Administrator rights for this to work.

If you install KFSensor as a systems service, you no longer need to run the KF Web Server Monitor for the KFSensor Server to operate.

To configure the options for a systems service in Windows XP, go to the Windows Control Panel, then select "Administrative Tools" and then select "Services".

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