Server Settings

Use the Server Settings dialog box to configure the server.

KFSensor Server

  • Start Up Delay
    Use this setting to delay the start of the KFSensor server by a number of seconds.
    When installed as a system service the KFSensor server starts automatically when the machine boots up.
    On some machines the KFSensor server may start before the network connections have become established. If this occurs then delaying the start of the KFSensor server can get around this problem.
    The Service Dependencies field usually provides a better option to solve these issue.
  • Service Dependencies

    The KFSensor server system service is started automatically at the same time as other systems services.
    By using this field it is possible to instruct Windows to start the KFSensor service after one or more other services has started. This can prevent a number of problems especially with database systems installed on the main system.

    Enter the service name that KFSensor should wait for. The service name is different to the public display name of the service. It can be found by looking at the service properties dialog within the services list in Windows Control panel.

    For example;
    • My Sql database is "MySQL"
    • SQL Server is "MSSQLSERVER"
      n.b. This will be different if using MS SQL Server Express or if there a multiple installations.

    To wait for more then one service simply list each service separated by a comma ',' character.

  • Home Root Path
    The Home Root Path is the directory under which KFSensor stores its configuration files and other files that created by the service. The default location for this is "c:\kfsensor". Use this setting to change this to another directory.

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