Edit Scenarios

Use the Edit Sim Scenarios dialog box to add, change and remove Scenarios definitions.

This can be used to replicate scenarios across sensors.
To do this first configure one sensor exactly as you want it.
Then export the selected scenario from that sensor to a file, using the Export... button.
Next, in another sensor installation, import the file, using the Import... button. The listen and sim server definitions will then be identical to the first sensor.

You will find a description of what are Scenarios here.


  • Add...
    Create a new Scenario definition.
  • Edit...
    Change an existing Scenario definition.
  • Delete...
    Removes a Scenario definition. You will be prevented from doing this if there is only one Scenario defined.
  • Copy
    Makes an exact copy of the selected scenario.
  • Export...
    Exports the listen definitions of the selected scenario, to an XML file. This file can then be imported on a different KFSensor installation to replicate the original configuration.
  • Import...
    Use the Import Scenario Definitions dialog box to import new Sim Server and listen definitions from a XML file.

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