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  • Event Details...
    Displays the Event Details dialog box for the currently selected event.
  • Ports
    Select to display the Ports View.
  • Visitors
    Select to display the Visitors View.
  • Reports
    Select to display the Reports.
  • Refresh From Selected Sensor
    Causes the monitor to immediately check with the active KFSensor server for new events
  • Load Events...
    Use the Load Events dialog box to load old events into the monitor.
  • Hide Events
    The hide event options remove events from the monitor display. They can be reloaded using the Load Events dialog box.
    The following removal filters are available:
    • All
    • Before Today
    • Low Severity
    • Medium Severity
    • High Severity
  • Newest Event First
    Select to sort the events in the Events View in reverse chronological order.
  • Oldest Event First
    Select to sort the events in the Events View in chronological order.
  • Filter By Sensor
    If checked then this option filters the events in the event view to include those from the active sensor.
    If unchecked then events from all sensors are displayed.
  • Add/Remove Columns...
    Use the Add/Remove Columns dialog box to change the types and the order of the columns displayed in the event list.
  • Hide Ports With No Events
    If checked then port with no loaded events will be hidden in the port view.
    Certain ports will always never be hidden. Only ports with the Hide option checked in the listen definition will be hidden.
  • Toolbar
    Hide or display the toolbar.
  • Status Bar
    Hide or display the status bar.

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