File Menu

  • Export
    Writes event details to a file, in one of a number of formats; HTML, XML, TSV or CSV.
    • Event List
      Output all events in event view.
    • Selected Event
      Output only the selected event.
  • Import Logs Into Database
    Import events from a log file into a database.
  • Sensor Connection
    • Connect
      Connect to the active KFSensor Server.
    • Disconnect
      Disconnect from the active KFSensor Server.
  • Service
    • Start Server
      Start the active KFSensor Server.
    • Stop Server
      Stop the active KFSensor Server.
    • Restart Server
      Stop and start the active KFSensor Server.
    • Install As System Service
      Configures the KFSensor server to run as a system service.
    • Un-install System Service
      Stops the KFSensor server running as a system service and runs it as a background task instead.
  • Close
    Closes the main window, but leaves the KFSensor Monitor running in the background. The main window can be reopened from the icon in the system tray.
  • Exit
    Shuts down the KFSensor Monitor. If the KFSensor Server if not installed as a systems service then it will be shut down as well.

KFSensor On-Line Manual Contents