Basic testing

There are two basic ways of testing KFSensor.

1. Use your web browser

Open up your web browser on the same machine that KFSensor is running on and enter the following URL:

By default KFSensor attempts to run a simulated web server on port 80. If you are already running a web server then try one of these other URLs:

2. Use a scanner

A scanner is designed to examine a machine for open ports and to gain information on the services it is running.

By downloading a scanner and running it against the KFSensor IP address it is possible to see what both sides of an attack.

You can obtain a couple of good scanners from these locations on the web:


KFSensor will stop responding to scanner after a few multi-port scans as it will activate the KFSensor DOS protection mechanism, which will lock out the scanner.

It is best to run a scanner from a different machine to the one on which KFSesnor is running.

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