KFSensor Educational Edition

KFSensor Educational Edition

KFSensor has been extensively used in academic research projects and this is something we are keen to encourage. We have created an edition of KFSensor licensed for academic projects and we provide this free of charge to qualifying projects.

KFSensor Educational Edition License Conditions

The "KFSensor Educational Edition" is licensed subject to the following conditions:

  1. The KFSensor Educational Edition must be used solely for an academic purpose, such as teaching in class, academic research and student course work projects.
  2. The KFSensor Educational Edition must not be used by non-academic staff, such as an institution's network administrators. This is considered production use and one of our commercial licenses must be purchased instead.
  3. Each KFSensor Educational Edition license is time limited. Once the license time has expired then the software should be uninstalled and any copies destroyed. This does not apply to the data collected by the system, which can be retained.
  4. It is possible to extend the time limit of KFSensor Educational Edition license. Simply make another request for us to do so.
  5. The KFSensor Educational Edition license is non-transferable and must only be used at the location and by the individuals for which permission has been given. If copies are used elsewhere then this will be grounds to terminate the license.
  6. The KFSensor Educational Edition license is only issued to academic staff at a recognised educational institution. The license can be used by and for a student, but use of the license must be in the name of and supervised by a member of the academic staff.

KFSensor Educational Edition License Application

To apply for an KFSensor Educational Edition license it is important that you agree to the conditions above and provide full details in the form below, to allow us to verify your request.

Please note that we only accept an institution email address and not a personal email, such as a gmail account.

We also require a web address that will help us verify your identity and role within your institution.

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