Battle Chronicler Download

Version 1.2.3 - Released 2 May 2011

The program does not contain malware, spyware or adware. The application does not collect, store or transmit any personal data.

The Battle Chronicler set up program is quick to download and simple to install. Simply click on the link below and save it to your hard disk and then open it as normal.

Optional: The Battle Chronicler setup only includes a small set of standard components. So it is best to install the additional Official Component Collection as well.

Download Latest Official Release File - 1.2.3 - Released 2 May 2011

BattleChroniclerSetup.msi (1.7 mb)

Download Latest Official Component Collection - Released 11 April 2011

bccomps.msi (22 mb)

Updating an older version

See the Release Notes for full details on what is new.

There is no need to uninstall an old version of Battle Chronicler. Just download the latest installation file and install it.

System requirements

Battle Chronicler runs on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

It requires the latest version of the .NET 4 framework to be installed. The Battle Chronicler installation will warn you if your framework is not up to date. You can get the latest framework update from Microsoft's web site here.

This version of .Net is very new, you may not yet have it.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Component Collections

Battle Chronicler includes a small set of standard components. There are addition collections of components that may suit you needs on the Component Collection page.

Getting Started

There is no help file supplied with Battle Chronicler. For the most part you should be able to work out all the features for yourself as it should be straight forward. If not please post your comments on the forum.

There is a Getting Started article in the Help section of this site, which you are advised to read.

Old Release

If you want an older release then use these link

BattleChroniclerSetup_090.msi (Previous release 1.0.1) 1 July 2010

BattleChroniclerSetup_090.msi (Previous release 0.9.0) 16 April 2010

BattleChroniclerSetup_082.msi (Previous release 0.8.2) 8 March 2010

BattleChroniclerSetup_072.msi (Previous release 0.7.2) 27 November 2009

BattleChroniclerSetup_06.msi (Previous release 0.6.0) 23 September 2009

BattleChroniclerSetup_051.msi (Previous release 0.5.1) 19 August 2009

BattleChroniclerSetup_04.msi (Previous release 0.4.0) 7 July 2009

BattleChroniclerSetup_03b.msi (Previous release 0.3.2) 2 June 2009

BattleChroniclerSetup_02.msi (Previous release 0.2.1) 22 May 2009

BattleChroniclerSetup_01.msi (Previous release 0.1.4)