Component Collections

Each component contains its own copyright, license and distribution rights.
Please check the components for permission before distributing them to others.

The Official Collection

The official collection brings together a wide variety of components from the makes of Battle Chronicler and those contributed from the community into one single installation program.

Download: bccomps.msi (42mb)

Extended Collection

Last updated 11 April 2011


Lynx Hills and River

Two colors of hill and several river segments.

DeeDee wood

DeeDee buildings and walls

DeeDee Chaos Blood Altar

Cosmic Horror



Trueborn Terrain

Trueborn Rulers and Targets

The Other Collections

To install these components download a collection .zip file and unzip it with its directory/folder structure intact.

Then copy the included folder and all its files to the BC component directory.
i.e. "\My Documents\Battle Chronicler\components".

Trueborn Hordes

Horde control areas

Trueborn Warmachine

Warmachine control areas


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Model made with bricks from a Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture mold.

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